sara. Pencil on paper. 

One in a series of fifteen selfportraits. Based on Piero della Francesca’s “Duke and Duchess of Urbino” and the Renaissance profile portrait in general (portraits by Filippo Lippi and Sandro Botticelli given as examples there; I love the way Botticelli does hair <3 <3 )
PS. I love the profile portrait thing, and would love to do more of these. If you have a face and want to take a picture of it in profile, I would maybe love to draw it :3 Mention me in a post if you want to do this.

This one is about marriage and eternity and exaltation and Stuff Like That There. I use unfinished-ness as a thing in this project, and here it is to suggest a kind of perfection. There is often a stage in a drawing where it’s unfinished but perfect, and finishing it takes the perfection away. Kind of like babies and children are perfect because they have all their potential intact, while adults have closed some doors during the process of growing up. Also, my version faces the other direction than the duchess because I use reversal in this project to indicate a differing idea of something (for example my version of Eve will be reversed because mormons have a very different idea of her, and with this case I don’t want to suggest a renaissance-era marriage is anything to look up to or copy :P)