Space Background Watercolor Whole iippo

They posted my thing :D :D 

(Well, I say “my” but it is actually a whole bunch of artists’ work together, because that’s what hitrecord is about)

The idea was for this to be about rising beyond your circumstances. Like a little girl with a big red balloon, floating up through the air and out into space and to the edge of space and beyond (like this rough visual idea/sketch http://www.hitrecord.org/records/1361938 )

All of the plus size pokemon gijinkas/pokemon inspired fashion design together. I think I’m done with these now. Here’s the words that go with this. 

Espeon. Parasect. Xerneas. Hippopotas. Azumarill. Hoothoot. Ho-oh. Cherubi. Aegislash. Regigigas. Skitty. 

The models from tumblr included blogs plussizeebony, chinesefashionlovers, wheeliewifee, lightning-heart and they are all incredible :3 And of course the idea is at least partially thanks to alternative-pokemon-art who posts awesome pokemon stuff and takes requests, which got me thinking what I would want to see (=plus size pokemon gijinkas :D )

I did have a ton more inspiration images and pokemon that I could have done, but I kinda feel done for now. We’ll see what’s next (I’ve signed up to both pokestory and trainerdex, so some more pokemon related things are definitely coming, as well as something to do with… turtles >_> )



Ladies and Gentlemen, I have pretty big news… WE WON AN EMMY! To all of the artists, all over the world that contributed their ideas, writing, music, animation, really ANY kind of RECording: thank you, thank you, thank you!! We all earned this together.

We won the award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media in the category of Social TV Experience, which means that the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has recognized our collaborative efforts in making this show together through hitRECord.org.

So thank you to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for recognizing the efforts of so many who made a show like HITRECORD ON TV possible. While our main focus as a community is to seek validation in the work we do together, it’s truly an honor to have an established institution like the Emmy’s take notice of our collaborative process.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t thank our amazing network, Pivot, as they took a chance on this show before we even made the first episode.

So I say it again - thank you all!! I can’t wait for Season 2. In fact, if you are ANY kind of artist, come work with us. We’re in production right now, and it’s going really, really well. So come and join us!

Thanks again <3



I have officially participated in making an Emmy-awarded TV show. 

Mind. Blown. @___@